Our Philosophy

BE DIFFERENT! We are in this business for the love we carry for rafting, hiking, exploring, nature and our planet. Through adventure responsible tourism, we want to share our knowledge, our passions and use practices that help preserve our planet healthy.

Keep our tours small, personalized or private for better quality service. We, the owners, are always on the tours with our clients getting to know you, having fun and sharing all we know with you. We love being in nature more than anything and sharing this experience with you. We are about creating friendships and respect.

Support the local communities. We give work to the local kayakers and guides; we eat at the local family run restaurants. We buy local products from local markets.

Adventure Responsible Tourism – maintain minimum our environmental impact by keeping our groups small, by doing activities that do not disturb wildlife or damage the environment, by using reusable water bottles, by buying organic, local, bio friendly products, by recycling, by composting, by creating awareness and teaching smart consumerism.

Explore the Real Costa Rica. For our multi-day expeditions, we explore off the beaten track places entering into a world of pure adventure, undisturbed forests and breathtaking places in order to disconnect from the usual and reconnect with nature and ourselves.

Education, Preservation, Conservation and FUN! Following the three major themes that biologists and conservationists used to establish the foundations for preservation of Costa Rica’s unique environment, we are dedicated to helping expand their work by implementing this with our adventure responsible tourism. How? By talking about ways to help the environment, by planting trees, by visiting national parks, animal rescue centers and other types of institutions committed to scientific research and the wellbeing of the different natural habitats. Our tours are always very informative and full of fun.

Good Food. What we put in our bodies and where it comes from is very important to us. On our trips, we provide BIOLAND snacks, organic fruit and we eat at local restaurants that use local produce. We always provide a vegan and vegetarian option.

Give back! Support rafting teams, sponsor championships, plant trees, distribute clothes to people in need, work with troubled youth and be a positive example.

Good Kharma. Be good. Do good.

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